November 6, 1971
In 1971 as Mike Schmitt was planning to return to the US from Army duty in Korea, Rose Friend was planning a wedding. Today, after 30 years and two sons (Steven & Scott), Mike and Rose are one of the happiest Schmitt couples there is. This page is a pictorial gallery of the family and friends that has made their life special.
Click on the images below to see how Steven and Scott are spending their time.
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Sugar and Spice were the best two cats to ever grace the Schmitt home.
Renewing their Vows
Rose rides...
..with Mike
At a Wedding
Together forever has always held true in Mike and Rose's life. They have gone everywhere together. Here are some pictures that proves just how together they always are. (Click image to enlarge.)
Easter 1978
Mom Watches Scott
Mom & Steve
Left: The whole family together in November of 1999. Above: Click on the images of young Steven and Scott with their Mother. Right: Steven is so cute!!!
Steven did it!
Scott did too!
Above: Their Parents were there when Steven and Scott graduated from college. Rose had also graduated with her Masters earlier in the year. Left: Scott is ready for the military ball!
Right: Rose and Jan spend quality time!
Left: Like Mother like Daughter-in-law! Heather Schmitt is welcomed into the family on June 9, 2000. Now Rose has the daughter she has always wanted.

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